#SupportScarlett campaign

Social media campaign in support of Scarlett Johansson. Without spending a dollar, we drew over 30,000 participants and reached over 2 million people.

"Domains and more domains" campaign

Ongoing campaign to purchase and develop hundreds of domains based on keywords pertaining to social causes we support.

Hater Alert

Currently developing an app to keep users informed of new boycotts by hate groups and rally support for counter-boycott initiatives.

Bullying is Not the Answer

Anti-bullying campaign that supports artists, celebrities and businesses who have been targeted by hate groups.

The most insensitive picture Ever

We successfully placed an image of an international terrorist as the top search result for "most insentive picture ever" on Google.

Counting Stars

A branding, merchandising and social media campaign to promote OneRepublic's upcoming summer concert in Israel.

Kiss My Pyongyang

Social media and merchandising campaign to raise awareness about the totalitarian North Korean regime in the wake of the Sony hack.


Ongoing guerilla marketing campaign to raise awareness about the corruption of the United Nations Relief Works Agency

Rockin Despite Rockets

Social media campaign geared at countering anti-Neil Young petition. Our efforts garnered 30% more participants than our competitors.