Our Company

About Us

CTC Media is a mission-based, digital advertising firm, which specializes in branded content and reputation management for a cause. Utilizing viral social media campaigns as well as traditional media tactics, CTC Media “changes the conversation” about causes we believe in. Whatever your needs are, from social media campaigns, search engine optimization and reputation management to unique, creative solutions, we do it all.

Our Mission

CTC Media prides itself on being different. This isn't the place for tired old media strategies and marketing campaigns. If we decide to take on your project, you can rest assured that we will bring a completely unique approach to brand and reputation management.

Our company was founded on the principle that we would go beyond simply being mercenaries for hire. Our strategies are geared at "changing the conversation" about causes we believe in, not just for the highest paying bidder. We believe that if you're not going to be passionate about your work, if you're not going to give it your maximum effort, why even bother?

Our expertise with social causes means we are uniquely qualified to manage campaigns on a wide variety of topics. Our business-based approach to our work means that we treat every client as if they were a Fortune 500 company. It does not matter to us if you are a local synagogue/church, an international social activist movement or small business just trying to get ahead.

So what does it mean to change the conversation? It means owning your brand. It means owning your name. It means when people search for you on the internet, they find the content you want them to find. It means influencing public opinion via creative social media campaigns and guerrilla marketing.

If you feel your marketing efforts have been stagnating or need to take back the narrative following some bad press, let us know - we're confident we can help.