What We Do

Digital Advertising

Marketing for causes we believe in

CTC Media offers a full suite of digital advertising strategies including Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Campaigns, Public Relations strategies and more.

Web Design

A destination for your traffic

Our web and graphic design team has experience with everything from simple landing pages to full featured, gorgeous websites. All optimized for maximum SEO and viral social media sharing.

Change the Conversation

Not your grandfather's SEO

Rather than engage with your detractors, we change the conversation. Why try to win a debate with a vendetta-driven horde? Just bury it under an avalanche of positivity.

Opposition Research

Take data collection to a whole new level

Need to know what your competitor is up to? Leave the market research to us. Our unique and proprietary approach to data collection and analysis is geared towards keeping you two steps ahead of the competition.

Creative Solutions

We live outside the box

App development? Check. Viral social media campaigns? You got it. Merchandise creation? We handle that too. Whatever your campaign needs, if we don’t do it in-house, our partners do. Leave the project management to us too – it’s all covered.


For all your digital advertising needs

Need a jolt for your in-house marketing team? Our experts are standing by to make a difference. Whether you just need some high-level, strategic planning or a full re-training for your team, CTC Media is here for you.

Social Media Engagement





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